Established in 1991 under our corporate name, Environmental Resource Outlet Inc, Tomorrow's World has been serving satisfied customers nationwide for almost two decades.

As one of America's first green eco-stores, we have the experience and the knowledge to provide exceptional customer service, superior quality products and accurate educational information. Our expertise in the industry, as both pioneers and leaders, assures our customers peace-of-mind that they're doing business with a company that has earned the trust of thousands.

Tomorrow's World is our flagship retail catalog company, as well as our online secure-shopping internet website. We strive to offer you the most innovative and practical organic comfort products available anywhere. Of course, they're always made in the USA. In fact, our entire CozyPure® organics collection of organic mattresses and organic bedding are made right here in Norfolk, Virginia.

The name Organic Comfort Zone is our identity as manufacturers. We create and design, prototype and sample hundreds of ideas but only the good ones make it into production. Our new location features a window so you can sneak a peek at our craftspeople producing our beautiful CozyPure® organic bedding.

organic bedding manufacturing

We value the relationship with our customers and appreciate their continued support throughout the many years we've been in business. We realize that without your patronage of ecosmart, made in the USA products, the industry could not survive. Infact, the green movement is thriving because of consumer interest and we're grateful to have been around long-back when the journey first began... before it was cool to be green.

You will find many more references about our company, and our founder, as you explore this website. We hope you enjoy your visit and we thank you for your interest. In the meantime, if you have any questions, give us a call at 1.800.229.7571.

Let us end, in closing, our mission statement... our trademarked slogan that we live and breathe everyday.... A declaration so simple, so easy, yet so effective in the betterment of our environment and ourselves...

You hold the world in your hand. Chill out naturally®

Physical address:
201 W. Ocean View Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23503

Experienced leaders in the organic mattress and bedding industry. Call us for your free "Safe-Sleep Cozy Consultation" 1.800.229.7571.


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Cheryl Hahn, founder of one of America's 1st eco-stores, with twenty years experience in green living options.

You hold the world in your hand. Chill out naturally®

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You hold the world in your hand. Chill Out Naturally®. All rights reserved.
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