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With a CozyPure® organic mattress, you can sleep safe knowing we don't use harmful toxic chemicals. You can sleep comfortably feeling the exquisite high-quality components we use. You can sleep soundly with the assurance that our materials are made from ecosmart, renewable resources that are better for our environment.



CozyPure® Organic Mattress: eco. organic. comfort.
Exquisite fabrics made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton with natural latex and organic wool components for durability and comfort. Breathable, temperature regulating and naturally dust mite resistant, our CozyPure® organic mattresses are made in the USA from Eco-Organic materials that are safe for you and better for our environment. No synthetic fabrics, no petroleum foams, no fillers and no harmful toxic chemicals. Our CozyPure® Organic Mattress Collection offers top-quality, superior orthopedic comfort and beautiful aesthetics.
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Pure Performance Natural Latex Mattress® 7-Zone Latex Core
Price: $998.00

Need a better mattress for your back? This incredible latex mattress was created specifically for the restoration and recovery of fatigued muscles with contoured alignment for perfect posture and lumbar support, as well as delivering energy back to your body while you sleep.

Designed with sleep nutrition in mind, our new CozyPure® natural latex mattress is made with certified organic cotton and organic wool cover and a uniquely designed six-inch thick 7-Zone natural latex rubber mattress core. It's simply perfect for just about everyone and you'll notice we're offering the Pure Performance™ mattress at a great introductory price too.
Custom-Cozy Natural Latex Organic Mattress: Customized Firmness for Each Sleeper on Each Side
Price: $1,798.00

You like a cushy soft mattress but your sleeping partner likes a firmer surface. What do you do? Our Custom Cozy Natural Latex Mattress can deliver two separate comfort zones on each sleepers side of the mattress.

The Custom-Cozy latex mattress can be customized on each side of the bed to each sleepers comfort preference - fully customizable firmness for both people.

For the support base of the mattress we start with our 6" thick super-durable seven-zone natural latex performance core which targets specific areas of your body to deliver optimum support where you need it most - in the lumbar area. Never worry again about having a bed that doesn't deliver the correct orthopedic posture support.

Unlike many customized latex mattresses, we take the guess work out of choosing the proper base cores. The progressive support of our 7-zone core is an ideal base upon which to build your mattress - simply choose your firmness for the final top 3" layer - which is the comfort layer. Each sleeper can choose their own firmness for each side in either Soft, Medium or Firm.

To top it off nicely we finish the layering with a half-inch of latex which lies flat across both surfaces and unifies the sleep system.


On the surface is our Streamline Checkerboard Quilting which features one-quarter-inch of organic wool under soft organic cotton circular stretch knit fabric to keep your body in close contact with the beautiful latex underneath.

We specifically use a small amount of wool quilted to the fabric so you can get close to the comfort yet still receive the wonderful benefits of our wool. Temperature regulating and moisture resistant, our wool allows moisture to wick away combined with our deliciously smooth organic cotton, both fibers naturally BREATHE - just like we do - to resonate with your body and provide the best regulation possible during sleep.

Our organic cotton fabric is featured in a stretch knit that MOVES with your body AND the latex mattress. Tightly-woven fabrics, like canvas, constrict the dynamic contouring flexibility of the latex mattress. Our quilting enhances the lovely latex mattress underneath, which is the winning component in our Pure Performance™ latex mattress collection.

Our Latex Mattress are made from pure, creamy natural latex rubber ergonomically designed to provide the support your body needs using our six-inch performance core. Above the core we add another 3" thick piece of natural latex in the firmness of your choice, and if you like we can customize each side too*.

Custom-Cozy is designed to go directly on a platform slat bed frame.

Looking for custom comfort?
Choose the Custom Cozy Natural Latex Mattress and choose customized firmness for each sleeper, on each side. *Please note that customization per side is only available in Queen and King.


  • Customizable Firmness for Each Sleeper on Each Side
  • 6" Durable & Supportive Seven-Zone Performance Latex Core
  • 3" Soft - Medium - Firm Latex Comfort Layer - You Choose!
  • 1/2" Latex on the Top Surface (eliminates the middle split)
  • Natural and Organic Components
  • Certified Organic Cotton Luxury Matelasse Fabric (Top & Side)
  • Certified Organic Cotton Tightly Woven Fabric (Bottom)
  • Organic Wool Batting Quilted in Cover
  • LGA-Tested, Oeko-Tex Certified Pure Natural Latex
  • Third-Party Certified-Safe Certificates
  • No Formaldehyde or PBDE’s
  • Dust-Mite, Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Temperature Regulating and Moisture Resistant
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial
  • High Resiliency Out-Performs Synthetic Foam
  • Natural Materials Breathe & Regulate Moisture
  • Naturally Dissipates Heat and Humidity
  • Quality, Expertise and Made in the USA -Norfolk, VA
  • Twenty Year Warranty

  • 10" Custom-Cozy Natural Latex Mattress
    Choose the Firmness for each sleeper, on each side
    Mattress Size Regular Price Sale Price
    Twin 39"x 75" Reg $1,998.00 Only $1,798.00
    Twin XL 39"x 80 Reg $1,998.00 Only $1,798.00
    Full 54"x 75" Reg $2,558.00 Only $2,358.00
    Queen 60"x 80" Reg $2,649.00 Only $2,449.00
    King 76"x 80" Reg $3,369.00 Only $3,169.00

    Get the best rest in a natural bedroom by replacing petrochemical plastic mattresses and bedding. Choose CozyPure, the best organic mattress made from pure natural latex rubber with organic wool and certified organic cotton. Dress your organic mattress in luxurious ecosmart linens, organic comforters and pillows. Enjoy safe sleep and outrageous organic comfort. And remember.... when you purchase a CozyPure organic mattress, you receive 20% OFF all CozyPure organic bedding accessories for three months!
    Experienced leaders in the organic mattress and bedding industry. Call us for your free "Safe-Sleep Cozy Consultation" 1.800.229.7571.


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