Made in the USA
Organic Comfort Zone - America's #1 manufacturer of organic comfort products

As a manufacturer, we design and produce two brands:

  • CozyPure├é┬« organic mattresses and organic bedding
  • EcoAveUsa apparel and home textiles

    Our CozyPure® organic mattress and bedding collection is made from organic and eco-smart materials and components and everything is made right here in Norfolk, Virginia. Thankfully, you can still find a nice assortment of bedding made by USA manufacturers

    Our EcoAveUsa line includes organic cotton towels, kitchen bags-n-basics and organic cotton clothing. EcoAve is also made in the USA. Sadly, this line is very hard to compete in the marketplace. Scores of apparel lines, towels, linens and home accessories are now imported. The most ironic is seeing a tee shirt proudly displaying a screen print with a "USA" logo on the front and reading the label that says it's made in some third-world country.

    We strongly believe in keeping things local. Helping to create and maintain American jobs. It's tempting sometimes to want to move our production overseas, in order to compete, but we're committed to staying-put right here in the United States.

    Chemical-free organic products especially deserve storage and manufacture in our country... eliminating the possibility of contamination when brought from overseas. Stricter labor laws and industry standards, as well as no need to spray containers boarding ships, assures soft-goods that are "grown & sewn" in the USA offer more purity, and a reduced carbon footprint.


  • Experienced leaders in the organic mattress and bedding industry. Call us for your free "Safe-Sleep Cozy Consultation" 1.800.229.7571.


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